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What Is Teaching for Intellectual and Emotional Learning?

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TIEL brings together fundamental intellectual processes and social-emotional components that form the core of effective teaching and learning for students in a 21st century world.

Post-pandemic education has brought new challenges to the classroom. Many students have fallen behind in their learning. Some show a lack of motivation and diminished interest. Teachers are now challenged to develop assignments and assessments that require students to do their own thinking and not rely on ChatGPT to do the work. Today’s students need to be intellectually and emotionally involved and challenged to participate actively in their own learning.

The TIEL Curriculum Design Wheel helps educators balance the teaching of traditional subjects with the new basics that include intentional teaching of thinking and social emotional skills:

  • Executive functions of planning, making decisions, and evaluation
  • Sorting and sifting through unprecedented amounts of information
  • Managing project work
  • Thinking creatively and flexibly
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Working collaboratively
  • Developing empathy
  • Making ethical decisions

The TIEL Institute provides professional development for educators at all levels, tutoring support in reading and writing for students from elementary through university, and workshops for parents.

“Christy and the TIEL Framework were twenty years ahead of the SEL Movement, Character Education, and Growth Mindset!”
Erica Leif Denman, Schoolwide, Inc.


“TIEL is the mainstay in how I plan, imagine pedagogy, assess students, evaluate my work.”
John Leistler, Deerfield Academy, MA


“The colorful TIEL Wheel is an essential tool in any 21st century classroom.”
Ghassan Gammoh, American School of Dubai


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