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Teaching for Intellectual and Emotional Learning (TIEL) brings together the intellectual and social-emotional components of learning and teaching. The TIEL Institute offers a uniquely balanced approach to learning and teaching that addresses the requirements of 21st century education.


Create excitement for learning. Four classroom teachers learn to plan project-based curriculum that includes the explicit teaching of thinking as well as social-emotional learning.

"TIEL makes all the difference. You need to have the framework. I need to have it in order to categorize and sort and scaffold and give myself a framework to go back on. I think it's critical."

5th grade teacher

The TIEL Design Wheel

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Curriculum Development

View PowerPoint presentations given at conferences and TIEL teaching tools:

2009 NAGC (Creating Order out of Chaos)

2011 NCSS (If I Had Learned Social Studies...)

2012 NCSS (Gimme a C!!!)

2013 AACTE (Teaching Candidates to Plan Lessons)

TIEL Around the World

Visit professional development of TIEL in schools, and presentations to universities and associations around the world.

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